Saturday, May 13, 2017

Red Line Greenway (5/13/2017)

Saturday, May 13, 2017
Today the Cleveland chapter of the Miami University Alumni Association sent volunteers to work with The Rotary Club of Cleveland on its project called Red Line Greenway.
Welcome sign
The steps down to the "Greenway"
The RTA W 25 - Ohio City Rapid Station
First, the volunteers were taken on a hay ride to see the extent of the Red Line Greenway.
On the hay ride
Lenny S, the Rotarian who founded the project along with Matt K, in 2009, explained that the present goal is to create a 3-mile elevated linear park alongside the RTA Rapid track right-of-way. It will connect the Michael J Zone Recreation Center greenspace at W 65th St and Lorain Avenue to downtown Cleveland at Superior Ave and W 9th St. The most challenging section will be on the RTA Viaduct, which will require somehow constructing a pedestrian/bike pathway cantilevered to one side of the bridge, since four tracks take up the width of the viaduct for most of its length.
One of the 2016 Inter|Urban murals, by Margaret Kimball
Another mural, this one by Alan Giberson
The third mural, by Ryan Jaenke
A tree growing within a catenary stanchion
We turned around under the Fulton Street bridge,
and passed through a gauntlet of graffiti
At the other end, we were able to go as far as the beginning of the viaduct
The group of Miami U alumni, including Kent
Looking down at the access to Franklin Boulevard,
where we later did most of the weeding and transplanting
Rowing practice on the Cuyahoga River beneath us
The Cleveland skyline
We somehow surrounded a bunny
The Hart Crane Memorial Park, named for
a poet and former Plain Dealer reporter
A Red Line Rapid train
2016 Inter|Urban mural by Pat Perry
A Red Line Greenway regular, Erin climbed
the embankment that was cleared of dead plants
After the volunteer work, relaxing at Hoopples on Columbus Road

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Rocky River Reservation (5/7/2017)

Sunday, May 7, 2017
After a week or so of rain, we were happy to see blue skies. Even with temperatures in the 40s, we went to Rocky River Reservation, part of the Cleveland Metroparks, to see spring wildflowers.
Hydrophyllum appendiculatum/Appendaged Waterleaf
seems to pop up after long periods of rain
Camassia scilloides/Wild Hyacinth
There were several very large plots of the wild hyacinth
The rain-swollen Rocky River was running fast,
with Brynne, Gus, and Kent
Mertensia virginica/Virginia Bluebells; the
Rocky River Reservation is known for its bluebells
Misplaced bracket fungi?
Walls in the woods
Cornus florida/Flowering Dogwood
Hydrangea macrophylla sp/Lacecap Hydrangea
When we were in Zürich, we missed hiking the Planet Trail from Uetliberg. Instead, we did the Solar System Walk in the Rocky River Reservation, where the sun and planets were spaced along the path in proportion to actual distances; one foot equals a million miles!
Starting at the sun, the first few planets were rather close together
Of course, there was the Earth
The farther planets were spaced out over longer distances
Everything is turning green!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

March for Science (4/22/2017)

Saturday, April 22, 2017
We took the Rapid to downtown Cleveland, except that it was a replacement bus today. It was standing room only, and Kent actually knew another passenger, a former co-worker all the way from Hiram, OH. Most of us were headed to the March for Science, starting in Public Square.
A couple creative signs
The crowd in Public Square
A brain hat
"Future Scientists"
And there they go...
We were there!
A dog marcher
"I'm a Hydrogeologist: Don't take me for granite!"
A young marcher, and
"Disease has no political affiliation"
I hope these marches are not just preaching to the choir...

Friday, April 7, 2017

Paris to Swiss Alps: Zürich II (4/4/2017)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 (continued)
Our walk took us to the main train station.
Hauptbahnhof/Main Railway Station (1871, designed by
Jakob Friedrich Wanner in Neo-Renaissance style)
Look at that sky! We were planning on taking a train up to Uetliberg and hiking. But clouds covering the hills and sprinkling rain deterred us.
McClean, the railway station restroom
L’ange protecteur/Guardian Angel (1997, by Niki de
Saint Phalle, whose husband was Jean Tinguely) (KSS)
Enormous schedule board in the main railway station
Instead we took the tram back to Zürichhorn Park, and walked in the opposite direction to the one we took yesterday with Bill and Elaine.
A large enclosed playground (we are peeking through the gate)
Sheep Piece (1971-1972, by Henry Moore, donated 1976),
located on a meadow where once sheep grazed;
behind it is the Pyramide Klinik am See,
a private surgical hospital
Klausstud/stone pillar (1812) named for St Nicholas,
patron saint of ship captains and sailors, which
marked the boundary in which citizens were
free to fish; the original stood in the waters of the
lake before land reclamation of about 100m/328'
The stone pillar also marked the point at which pilgrims headed to Einsiedeln Abbey would respect the Protestant city of Zürich by lowering the volume of their prayers and singing.
Makeshift memorial?
Wrought-iron and stained glass balconies,
on Feldeggstrasse
Close-up of the balconies
Took the tram back into the city, and then the Polybahn/funicular up to Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich/Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, alma mater of Albert Einstein, and the Universität Zürich/University of Zürich.
Not quite the view to be seen from Uetliberg, but a view
of the Altstadt/Old City of Zürich
Interesting chimney caps
Main university building (1911-1914, designed
by Karl Moser) was the first high-rise in Zürich
The Polybahn arrives at the upper station
Heading back down, we are ready to
pass the other funicular car
Painted façade of the Schweizer Heimatwerk/
Made in Switzerland shop in Zürich
What a low, flat boat, seen on the Limmat River (KSS)
Oh, that's why! (KSS)
Netta rufina/Red-crested Pochard ducks
A fountain (2003, by Arnold Amsler)
inside the main railway station
The ceiling of the Brasserie Federal
in the main railway station, where we had drinks
Art installation at Escher-Wyss-Platz, on the way back to the hotel;
to acknowledge the industrial history of the area, the brick pillars
seem to mimic different screwdriver heads; and the orange benches?
Our hotel room at the Renaissance Tower Zürich Hotel
It seems every room has an accessible shower
For dinner, we walked up Pfingstweidstrasse to the Migros store, but it was closing. Across the street we found an Italian deli, and shared an "Italy" panino.
Anne-Sophie, a 5m/16' tall chrome steel figure
depicting a student, in the square in front of
the 25 Hours Hotel on Pfingstweidstrasse
Pedestrian bridge over Pfingstweidstrasse
The Renaissance Tower Zürich Hotel on the right
A view from the hotel room down on the
pedestrian bridge and a children's soccer field
taken over by grown men
Just to show how the men dwarf the soccer goal!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
After breakfast at the hotel, Viking transferred us to the Zürich airport where we began our journey home, through Amsterdam, Detroit, and finally Cleveland!
As you can see, we never reached the Swiss Alps. Viking needs to come up with a different name for this cruise. One could get to the Swiss Alps either through an optional tour from Basel, or a land extension. However, Kent and I practically met in the Alps (in 1983)!

Friday, April 7, 2017
Here we are after shoveling snow today!
Das Ende.